Welcome to Consignment Sports!  cs-storefront

I hope you enjoy our website and our ever-changing store.  We receive and recycle fresh batches of quality pre-owned sporting goods every day.  When you visit our store, please walk around at least three times so you don’t miss anything.  And don’t leave the kids in the car.  Most of our customers are parents shopping for their growing family.

I’ve been in the retail/consignment business since June 1983.  When I opened Consignment Sports on January 7, 2012, I focused on three ingredients that would attract more customers to our stores, and make the business an ongoing success; a “win, win, win” for buyers, sellers, and Consignment Sports.  Here they are:

  1. Relocating and recycling your quality pre-owned sports equipment and apparel.
  2. Saving growing families and individual sports enthusiasts precious time and the inconvenience of:
      • Selling your quality sports equipment too cheaply in a garage sale.
      • Posting pictures online and inviting strangers to your house who show up late or not at all.
      • Donating your valuable, barely used gear to a charity as a last resort.
  3. Attractive display, large selection, and clean pre-owned sports equipment under one roof.

These three things above make Consignment Sports the success it is today.  Add free estimates, free local pick-up, quality service and a knowledgeable staff…  This is Consignment Sports!  Come by and see for yourself why you will want to stop by regularly and see what’s new.  We promise you will love our store!


See you here at Consignment Sports,

Walt Collins, Owner

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