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What type of equipment do you take?
We take just about everything under the sun, out on the beach, up in the mountains, inside the gymnasium, and out on the field.  The only items that are seasonal are snow sports and lake sports.  Many of our customers are growing families involved in team sports, so we definitely need gear that your kids have grown out of which has barely been used.

All-Season Gear Accepted:

  • Surfboards & Wetsuits
  • Mountain & Road Bicycles
  • BMX Bikes
  • Skateboards & Scooters
  • Weight Equipment
  • Exercise Gear
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Recumbent & Spin Bikes
  • Baseball & Softball Gear
  • Balls
  • Golf Clubs and Equipment
  • Fishing Gear
  • Sports Apparel
  • MMA / Boxing Gear
  • Car Sport Racks & Accessories


Seasonal Gear Accepted:

  • Snowboards & Boots
  • Snow Skis & Boots
  • Winter Apparel
  • Winter Accessories
  • Winter Mountain Sports Gear
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Boogie Boards & Skimboards
  • Camping Equipment
  • Backpacking Gear
  • Wakeboards & Water Skis
  • Water Toys
  • Lacrosse Gear
  • Hockey Equipment
  • Tennis Gear
  • Football Equipment
  • Soccer Equipment
  • Cleats / Shoes
  • Moto X / Street Bike Gear
  • Cycling Apparel
  • Paintball & Archery Gear

CLICK HERE to view our “How It Works” brochure.

Items should be cleaned, washed, and ready for display. Consignment Sports will add an additional 5% to its share of the proceeds if item needs to be cleaned or require minor adjustments and repair. We will go through your gear and separate what is sellable from what is not sellable based on the demand for the item and the items condition. We will return to you the non-sellable items, or if you do not want the non-sellable items back then we will place them in our donation bin which will be delivered to a non-profit charity in the local area for you.

Do I need to make an appointment?
We encourage you to make an appointment, either at your location, in store appointment, curbside pick up, or quick in-store drop off.  Mid week is always the best for you, because it is the quickest way to go through your equipment evaluation.  You can drop by without an appointment, but we discourage this because you may have to wait awhile for an evaluator to go through your gear.  And please, don’t drop off equipment without an appointment on the weekends.  Weekends are our busiest shopping days, and our sales team is busy selling your gear!  For additional information about scheduling an appointment, please click on the “How It Works” button above on the menu bar.
How do you determine the selling price of an item?
One of our knowledgeable team estimators will go through your accepted items and determine an initial selling price. The initial selling price will be determined by the current market demand of the item, the overall condition of the item, and the general appearance of the item when it is displayed on our floor. We also want the initial price to be competitive with what it is selling for on the internet. We don’t want buying customers coming in to Consignment Sports only looking at your item and buying it cheaper on the internet. We do not want our showroom floor to be a museum of pre-owned sports equipment. We want to move your gear as quickly as possible. We will even reduce the price of each item by 10% every 30 days to get it sold for you.
How do I know if my consigned items sold?
Consignors will fill out the Consignment Sports Agreement Sheet and be assigned an Agreement Number.  Each consigned item will be assigned an Item Number.  Both those numbers will go on the display tag and attached to the item along with the initial selling price. As items sell, they are posted to our hosted website www.myresaleweb.com.  Check your activity as often as you like by clicking of “What Sold” from our home page on our website.  You can drop by Consignment Sports to pick up your cheque between the 1st-12th day of the month, or we will mail the payment to you after the 12th day of the month.  A postage and handling fee of $1.25 will be deducted from your share of the proceeds if we mail you your payment.  Consigned merchandise can be displayed in Consignment Sports for a period of 90 days.  Any unsold items remaining after the 90 day period will be donated to a non-profit charity in the local area, or you can simply pick up your unsold item(s) at the store before the 90 day period ends.
How much do I get for my consigned items?
The more your item sells for, the higher your percentage of the proceeds. Below is our current split:

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Item Selling Price  


$ 1 – $50…………………………..

$ 51 – $100……………………….

$ 101 – $200……………………..

$ 201 +…………………………….

$ 201 + (Surfboards)…………

 You’re Paid








* A 5% Cleaning Fee will be deducted from the Owner’s Proceeds of the Initial Price if item(s) need to be cleaned.

Can I get paid cash on the spot for my equipment?
Yes! We may offer a cash and trade-in option for your gear.  Below are our cash option and our trade-in options.  We encourage you to use our consignment option, which puts the maximum pay-out back in your pocket, and does not cost you anything until your item(s) sell.
2) CASH Option – You receive approximately 50% of consignment pay-out.
3) TRADE-IN Option – You receive approximately 5% to 10% more than the cash pay-out. Trade-In credit must be used in the store on the same day or for future purchases as rewarded.
How long can I keep my consigned items for sale in Consignment Sports
The term is 90 days, but you can pick up any item at any time and remove it from the Agreement.  You can also cancel the Agreement at any time.  You still and always do own your consigned items until they are sold or donated.  Items will be donated to a local non-profit charity after the 90 day period.  Or you can simply pick up your unsold items at the store before the 90 day period ends.


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