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Start raising money today for your team, league, or organization with Consignment Sports. Every sale of your no longer used sporting goods raises 10%-70% from the owners proceeds of each sale!

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Dear Sir or Madame:

Team up with Consignment Sports in Thousand Oaks to raise money for your program that is easy, takes very little time and effort at no cost to you.

Consignment Sports is a resale consignment sporting goods store in Thousand Oaks.  We partner with you; schools, sports leagues, organizations, and events, and give back 10% to 50% of each sale of no longer used sports equipment your participants bring into our store.  Here is how easy it works:

1)    Consignment Sports provides a flyer, custom tailored to your needs, to be handed out or emailed to your community with instructions on how to proceed.

2)   Participants will clear out their closets, garage or storage facility of no longer used sports equipment and call Consignment Sports for free pick-up, or take it all in to the store on Thousand Oaks Blvd., open 7-days, and place it on consignment.

3)   After each item sells, two things happen.  First, 10% automatically goes back to your group.  Second, your participant can choose to donate 25% to 100% of their share of the proceeds back to your group as well!

Team up with Consignment Sports to raise $$$ for your program. It's easy!

Team up with Consignment Sports to raise $$$ for your program. It’s easy!

This program is win/win/win, as it generates always needed cash for your organization, your participants are able to dispose of their no longer needed sports equipment, and Consignment Sports gets new frugal, savvy, budget minded customers in its store.  The fundraising program can run continuously throughout your season, or have a set time limit.

Your next step is to contact me, Walt Collins, owner of Consignment Sports, and get started right away.  My cell phone (805) 551-1412.  I’ve attached a sample flyer with this proposal, which can be custom tailored to your program needs.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Walt Collins, Owner

Consignment Sports
2851 E Thousand Oaks Blvd
Thousand Oaks, CA  91362
(805) 379-5969


Sample Fundraising Flyer

 CLICK HERE to view the sample Fundraising Flyer

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