How To Sell

It’s Easy to Sell and Consign Your Sports Equipment at Consignment Sports…

Your first step:

  •  Gather up your no-longer-used sports equipment, sports apparel, and sporting accessories.  Click on the PDF Quick Drop-off Form picture below and print out our equipment list form.  Fill out the form with all your gear you would like to consign with us.  Call us if you have any questions throughout the process.


CLICK HERE  to print out our Quick Drop-off Form

  • We encourage you to call Consignment Sports to schedule a FREE Local Pick-up, , In-Store Appointment, No Wait Quick In-Store Drop-off, or FREE Curbside Pick-up.  (Local pick-up is within 10-miles of our showroom).  If you ever have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime (805) 379-5969.
  • Or, you can take it all in to Consignment Sports without an appointment, but we discourage this because you may have to wait for an Evaluator to go through your gear.  And please, don’t drop off on the weekends without scheduling an appointment.  Mid week is always best because it will take the lease amount of time to go through your gear.
  • One of our Evaluators will take your filled out Quick Drop-off Form and carefully go through your gear and separate it into two piles; one pile we will accept for consignment, and one pile we will return back to you, or, we will be happy to donate it for you at our local charity organization.
  • Our Team Estimator will then determine a selling price for each item accepted based on our optimal pricing criteria, and present to you one or three pay-out benefits: Consignment, Cash Buy-Out, and Trade-in.  You simply choose which pay-out option works best for you.  We always recommend the Consignment benefit since it will be the highest pay-out option.
  • By choosing to consign your gear with us, you are in control of your items…
    • We will email you a list of the gear you consigned with us.
    • You can track your consigned items progress from our website 24/7.
    • From our website, see which items have been sold, which items are still available, and how much cash we owe you from day to day.
    • Pick up your cheque at our showroom between the 1st-15th day of the following month your item(s) sold.
    • If you don’t pick up your cheque at the showroom, then cheques over $25 will mail out to you on or around the 18th day.  If you receive your cheque via mail, you can then log in to our website and see which items sold.  $2 postage and handling will be deducted from your proceeds if you do not pick up the cheque at the showroom.
    • It’s that easy!



Choose Which Option Works Best For You

A Consignment Sports Estimator will present to you the following benefits where you can choose which one works best for you:


Choosing our “Consignment Benefit” will pay you back the most for your gear.  Consignment Sports will display your gear on our showroom floor for up to 90 days at no cost to you until your item sells.  Below is the consignment split, which is based on the selling price of each of your items.

Item Selling Price             You Are Paid


  $ 1 – $50………………..

  $ 51 – $100……………..

  $ 101 – $200……………

  $ 201 +………………….

  $ 201 + (Surfboards).






..  70%*

* 5% of the selling price will be deducted from consignor pay-out amount if item(s) need cleaning or minor repair before displaying.  Apparel must be clean and current fashion design.

Consignors check our website button “What Sold” on the 1st day of each month to see if any items sold the previous month.  A cheque can be picked up at store, or will be mailed out after the 12th day of the month less $1.25 from consignors’ pay-out amount if mailed.


Get top dollar cash on the spot for all your gear without any haggling or low-balling!


Make a little more than the Cash Buy-Out option and use the credit towards a purchase in the store, or save the credit to use at your next visit, or anytime thereafter.

What to expect from consignment

  • With the consignment Benefit, we will attractively display your items for sale on our showroom floor.
  • Click the “What Sold” button on our web site as often as you like to track the activity of your items.  As you see that your items have sold, payment can be picked up between the 1st-15th day of the following month.  If you do not pick up your cheque at Consignment Sports by the 15th day of the month, then it will be mailed to you after the 18th day.  Once you receive your cheque by mail, then you can re-visit our website to see which of your items sold.  A $2 postage and handling fee is deducted from your portion of the proceeds if your receive your cheque by mail (We frequently include in the envelope a $5 coupon you can use in our store, and our current newsletter.  It’s that easy!

Owner Walt Collins ready to mail out cheques to current consignors whose items sold last month.



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You’ll see something new every time you visit Consignment Sports


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